chaos. Eric is thrown out of a window and his fiance is raped and beaten and then fought for 30 hours in a hospital before her body gave up. Well, Eric comes back from the dead to revenge his fiance’s as well as his own death.First of all, I must say that the main character in The Crow – Eric – reminded me a lot of the Joker, only a semi-good-guy. He had the same type of face make-up, only more simple – just black and white. I also love the young street girl Sarah who was friends with the couple when they were alive.I must say, revenge was sweet, but gorey and – interesting. Let’s just say that Eric made sure the men received the deaths they deserved.The setting of the movie was dark and VERY gothic. Constant rain filled the scenes of the movie and the city was definitely not a city I would want to roam around in at night.Absolutely loved and enjoyed this movie. A must see for fans of the anti-hero and gothic films.


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