enjoytravel.biz travel agency

enjoytravel.biz travel agency

benefits from our lender.
We now have our dream lot. The house is not perfect but the spacious yard is one that we all desired to have.
Most of all, the sellers are one of the kindest people we’re blessed to know. Their hospitality and kindness is amazing! I can testify of their goodness time and again because people with genuine hearts like them are a rare find in today’s day and age. We have become friends through the process of them selling their house and us buying it and unusual it may seem but when it is God Who blesses you with things that your heart desires and that can glorify His name, you will only be left in awe of His righteousness and provision. That is the shortest version to our story in acquiring this home and it makes it even more special and meaningful.
Our earthly home. God truly provides!
Let me know if you happen to be in the area (Southwest of Dallas- Fort Worth). I am open for meet-ups and our home is open for family and friends, especially online friends whom I have yet to meet in person. And oh, thanks for being happy for me and my family!



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