to deliver. Sure enough, when he got home a while ago, aside from the conference souvenirs that he brought home, I was so looking forward to the feedback of his presentation.
Freebies I love!
Feedback it was and the excellent remarks on the evaluation forms of his attendees (who were Math and Science teachers from all over Wisconsin) were just remarkable! I know my husband as an excellent guest speaker and to have real people who appreciate his works as excellent, it feels like I am the honored person as well. That is simply pride at its best! He he he.
E for Excellent
We may not have gone to Green Lake this time but I am still overjoyed that it was a successful event for my husband. We originally planned to go together but since he left as early as 7am, there was no way I could prepare the kids that early. Maybe next time, as we always like to be in tow whenever the husband is being sent somewhere.



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