Well, we are officially homeowners here in Texas! God is super good!
Five days since we arrived in our new hometown, we got to sign the documents at the title company that states we are the new homeowners of the property in XXXX XXXXXXXXX Avenue in Keene Texas. How awesome, I know! The husband and myself, as well as our eldest daughter Triz are extremely ecstatic. The littlest soul Tiara is overjoyed as well as she now has a huge space to run around inside the house and outside the yard.
The process that we went through to acquire this property has been a tedious one but was so worth it. This is the second property that we signed a contract for as the first one was not over-all favorable to us so we backed out from it and pursued this which was very beneficial on our part as buyers and on the sellers’ part because both of us didn’t need to use a realty agent. We coursed everything directly between the seller with the personal help we got from our bank which is our lender. Having excellent credit rating truly helps as we were able to reap a great deal of



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