Confectionary and bakery food items are more sensitive to temperature and humidity change than other food items, hence it is important to provide the ideal display refrigeration solution to these products. Keeping the same in mind, ELANPRO, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, added DISPLAY CABINET to its product portfolio. With this product, the company has introduced a new anti-mist and led lighting system that enhances display and lowers electricity consumption.


An essential for extreme and humid Indian weather, the anti-mist heated glass system, dissipates the mist quickly, ensuring difference in temperature and added humidity does not lead to mist formation on the display refrigerator. The product fuses modern elegance with unparalleled flexibility providing adaptable, streamlined solution for storage and display.


The product is designed using high quality glass with an option of molded and curved at the edges to give a safer, smoother look. Easy to clean, the product is made of stainless steel bringing down the possibility of rusting to zero.  Equipped with specialized compressor technology, the new range by ELANPRO keeps the temperature ideal between 2 to 12 degree Celcius.  The product also comes with a ventilation system and display controller settings guaranteeing fresh food. 


A perfect solution for bakeries, patisseries, confectionaries, restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, hotels, retail units, dairy and ice cream outlets, the product is designed to create a real impact and help showcase products to the maximum.


Whether it’s for additional sales revenue or the core of any business, ELANPRO, aims at providing the right commercial display. The brand offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration & food-service products catering different budgets and purpose. Visit ELANPRO dealer store to know more about ELANPRO DISPLAY CABINET and other technologically advanced options.


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