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16 Weeks to Go!

I went to see my OB-GYN yesterday for my 24 weeks prenatal checkup. Oh, how time flies by so quick, eh? I have 16 more weeks to go, or even lesser than that, and Baby#2 will be here! Thank you, Lord, for the providence of strength, good health, love, and wonderful housemates! And of course, I am most grateful for the gift of life. This little creature inside me is doing wonderfully; so active all the time that even if I am tickled while trying to sleep, I don’t mind it all all! Those kicks, somersaults, and all kinds of moves are truly a joy beyond compare!

Ready for the 28 weeks appointment! Hello Glucose Screening Test!

My clinician concluded that everything is well for me; thank God! My systolic was a little above the mainline, but the diastolic was only 68 which was a good news! My tummy’s growth is just


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