look of the rear hinge, the device’s camera, trackpad, and therefore the metallic element and black combination would confuse most if it weren’t for a few obvious variations. The Xiaomi “Mi” emblem is placed directly within the center of the screen’s bottom edge, and it’s just like the company set to travel with bright orange for the device’s keyboard power button likewise.

All of this comes via Gizmochina, that claims to own a trifle insight on what reasonably hardware this device can pack likewise. The insides of the device can purportedly embody AN Intel Haswell i7-4500u processor, two x eight GB twin channel memory, and a 15-inch 1080p show. As for software package, it’s apparently aiming to run a version of UNIX operating system that has been bespoke by Xiaomi. It’s aforesaid to be beginning at regarding 0.5 the worth of a true MacBook Air—somewhere within the vary a trifle but $500.



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